We are a Hebrew Language and Culture School that specializes in teaching conversational Hebrew.

Our live-online and on-campus Hebrew Language and Immersion Courses have become famous for helping countless students from all over the world realize their dream of speaking Hebrew like a local. Our goal is not to give you a theoretical understanding of the Hebrew language but rather give you all the tools you need to really fit in and connect with other Israelis with the most modern, relevant, and street-smart Hebrew.

How do we do this? By doing things differently. We developed our own unique method of teaching Hebrew that is fun, efficient, dynamic and engaging. Because if it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing it!

Don’t take our word for it. Book a free intro session where you’ll meet with one of our teachers, get a taste of our method, and find out your current level. You can then decide if you want to enroll in a semester or leave having learned a few more words in Hebrew – no questions asked!

We’d be happy to get to know you and hear your Hebrew story, book your intro here.

Our story began when our founders, Tamar Pross, an avid life-hacker and traveler, and Efrat Chen, one of the most sought-after Hebrew teachers in Israel, decided to team up to create a totally new method of teaching Hebrew. They wanted their students to leave their courses feeling like they could actually use the Hebrew they learned in real-life interactions and understand the conversations happening on the street in Tel Aviv. They then totally reimagined the Hebrew learning experience and created a method that is engaging, dynamic, and intellectually stimulating. Since the early days of teaching from local cafes in Tel Aviv, Citizen Café has expanded to become the leading Hebrew language school in Israel and now has a worldwide community of students who learn in-person and digitally with our renowned online Hebrew courses.

By booking a free intro session! You’ll meet with one of our teachers, get a taste of our method, and find out your level. One of our enrollment managers will then give you all of our pricing info (no guilt, no aggressive sales pitches) and you’ll be able to either enroll in a semester or leave having learned a few more phrases in Hebrew 🙂

Yes! We are famous for our live online Hebrew courses taught by our teachers in Tel Aviv. We have class times available for all time zones, and you’ll be able to learn Hebrew with people from all over the world! We pride ourselves in our dynamic, fun, and effective learning method which we specifically designed for the digital era.

Yes! Our main focus is conversational Hebrew, but we of course also teach all the essentials you need when you learn any language including reading, writing, and grammar. We just do it in our own unique way 😉

Our semesters are 10 weeks long and each class meets twice weekly for 90 minutes. The semester also includes optional practice times – we have at least four, 60-minute practice times available for each level weekly.

Absolutely not! We have 11 levels of Hebrew from absolute beginner to highly advanced speakers. We teach all ends of the spectrum – from students who have never spoken Hebrew before to students who have an excellent background but need more help actually speaking and increasing their vocabulary and confidence.

By booking a free intro session with one of our teachers over Zoom! You’ll get to learn some Hebrew, see what our method is all about, and find out which level is right for you. Don’t worry, this is a guilt-free experience with no aggressive sales pitches at the end. We like to show our prospective students exactly what we offer and we also like to make real human connections 🙂

We have several different course packages and payment plans available, which is why we lay out all of our pricing options for you during your free intro session. We like to meet everyone who wants to become part of our community and this way we get to work together to find which payment plan is the most suitable for you.

You don’t have to wait for your move to Israel to start learning Hebrew! You can always start by taking an online course and then once you arrive in Israel, you can switch to an in-person class at our campus in Tel Aviv once a new semester begins (we have a new semester that starts every month). We cannot accommodate switching courses in the middle of a semester, however, you’ll be able to enroll in an in-person course for your next semester.

Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old to enroll in our classes. Special permission is required for people ages 16-18. 

We only teach the most modern, relevant, and street-smart Hebrew. That’s our specialty!

We offer an alternative to the traditional Hebrew ulpan with our unique Hebrew method. We do not accept government vouchers.

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