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Prepare for Your First Class: Essentials

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How to navigate the class’ view

aviad August 23, 2023

In this video, you will be provided with an overview of the class view on an online platform, where you can find essential course information such as your level, teacher’s details, class schedule, access to class recordings, engagement with the class group, joining live sessions, submitting and accessing homework assignments, and interacting with fellow students.

You’ll find additional useful information for your learning experience in the link below:

Citizen Academy tech help

If you have any more questions, you’re always welcome to contact us at –

WhatsApp (Only messages): +972 50-973-6973

Toll-Free (Calls only): +1 888-808-0334

Good luck בהצלחה (beh-hahts-lah-chah)!

And… YALLA let’s learn some Hebrew!

Shalom, !

Shalom, !